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Established In 2007

We're one of the largest manufacturers of Jute products in South India. We have our head office and factory in the historic city of Chennai, India.

We serve both retail customers and B2B customers with wholesale needs. A large number of our customers are in business with us since the inception, due to the high quality products that we offer and the excellent customer service.

You can depend on us to manufacture and ship any quantity of Jute products of the highest quality due to our sophisticated state of the art factory and our employees who love our friendly work environment.

You can also place bulk orders with us for Jute based customised wedding gifts, corporate gifts, corporate CSR handouts, birthday party gifts etc

Customer comes first, we are here to serve your needs.

Worldwide Shipping (B2C and B2B)

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It was destined to happen! We're glad you decided to stop by and check us out. Thousands of customers have given us 5 star reviews for a reason. We are a customer centric eco friendly company doing our bit to save our only planet. We look forward to bringing you onboard so we can do good things together, like increasing the usage of Jute based products.

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